Monday, December 19, 2016

Take Onus of Your Health and Well-being by Availing Complementary Medicine Service

Several therapies and medical practices come under the umbrella of complementary medicine.  Each therapy and medical practice has its own exclusive theory and practice. But on a general note, complementary therapy includes treatments, techniques or medications that are used along with conventional medicine to provide individuals with holistic health. Some of the most popular ones include aromatherapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga and meditation.

Today, several people across the globe are resorting to complementary medicine along with conventional treatment because of the significant healing abilities provided by it. While there are many who are still skeptical about the healing properties of complementary medicine, a quick take through regarding the advantages of complementary therapies can guide you across the realm.

It helps you to Take Onus of Your Health: When the body suffers from certain illness or pain an imbalance is created which causes a lot of discomfort. Complementary medicine is known to offer holistic healing that helps you to strike the right balance between the mind, body and soul. By availing this treatment alternative, patients can get to know the root cause of the ailment rather than just the symptoms. More so, you will be in a position to take charge of your overall wellness for long-term optimal health.

These Therapies are Comparatively less Expensive than Modern Therapies and Medications: Most complementary medicine requires the usage of natural ingredients such as herbs for treatment of a particular ailment. These herbal medicines are readily available in medical stores across the globe. Complementary therapies such as yoga and meditation offer tremendous benefits and doesn’t require making any expenses.

They can work as Primary, Alternative or Supportive Treatments: Studies reveal that complementary medicine has been extremely helpful in alleviating the side effects caused as a result of debilitating diseases such as cancer. People suffering from anxiety and depression have also benefited from complementary therapies such as yoga and massage therapy.
As a resident of New York, you will have no dearth of qualified and practiced doctor or therapist offering Complementary Medicine Service in Rochester NY. So, take onus of your health and avail complementary medicine or therapies for holistic health and well being.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why Should You Opt for Chinese Medicine as an Alternative Treatment Methodology?

Drawing its origin from China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes a set of health care therapies and practices. This system of healing functions on the philosophy that the functions of the human body are closely related to the environment. Practitioners of TCM approach a person from a holistic perspective, including the fundamental imbalances and disharmonies behind a sickness. The practitioner focuses on treating the patient, instead of just the disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on correcting imbalances in the body. Such imbalances are caused due to the disruption in flow of "life energy called as Qi” that flows across meridians or energy channels that are invisible. Today, Chinese Medicine has been recognized in the west as an effective alternative/complementary health care practice. In fact, researches and scientific studies conducted across the globe have revealed the promising health benefits of practices such as acupuncture, Tai chi etc:

Have a look at some of the most prominent ones:
  • Chinese Medicine has proved to be extremely effective in treating certain chronic and debilitating diseases such as cancer.
  •  This treatment alternative is holistic in approach as it not just focuses on the physical issues. It works to bring the mind, body and the soul to proper balance.
  • This type of treatment focuses on finding a diagnosis by treating the root cause of the disease.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine does not recommend the use of pharmaceutical drugs that come with harsh side effects. Chinese Medicine recommends the use of certain specific herbs for treating an ailment, which usually have very little or no side effects.
  • This form of treatment alternative is known to improve a person's general health and well-being.
    As compared to standard allopathic treatment, this treatment alternative is comparatively less expensive.
  •  Chinese medicine could be availed to treat a broad range of diseases from anxiety and depression to improving blood pressure.

Although, the values of traditional Chinese medicine might not be easy for some to understand, there is little qualm of it’s effectiveness. So, if you are looking to enjoy holistic health, you need to seek the services of a reputed practitioner offering Chinese Medicine in Brighton.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Are You Looking to Enjoy Holistic Health? Why Not Resort to Acupuncturist in Rochester, NY

Almost 3,000-year-old technique of healing, Acupuncture is a part of broader health care system i.e. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is used as an alternative treatment methodology to conventional medicine. Over the years, it has gained reputation as an effective alternative treatment to a wide range of diseases and is practiced by both acupuncturist and doctors of mainstream medicine.

Acupuncture is based on an ancient philosophy that describes the functioning of the body in terms of two opposing energy forces: yin and yang. When these two energy forces flowing across invisible channels (called as meridians) are in balance, the body enjoys good health. However, when the flow of energy gets blocked, body may suffer from pain, or become function-less. Acupuncture therapy that involves insertion of very thin needles at certain strategic or acupuncture points in the body helps in releasing blocked qi and evoke body’s natural healing mechanism.

Today, patients try acupuncture when they have either suffered collateral damage as a result of over consumption of prescription drugs or when doctors of conventional medicine have affirmed their discomfort to be unfix-able. If you are looking to seek the services of an Acupuncturist in Rochester, NY, make sure you seek the services of a reliable service provider.

Have a look at some of the encouraging reasons that has made Acupuncture treatment all the more popular across the globe:
  • Effective Relief from Pain: A recent study conducted suggests that more than 60% of patients suffering from pain caused as a result of musculoskeletal problems such as back pain and neck pain, and migraine or tension headache have witnessed noticeable improvements in their condition.  
  • Without any Side Effects: This treatment alternative comes with little or no side-effects as very fine and sterile needles are used during treatment. Additionally, patients undergoing treatment experiences little to no pain while enjoying several health benefits.
  • Treats the Root Cause: Acupuncture treatment not just focuses on patient’s current condition, but aims to treat the underlying root cause of a particular disease symptom.
  • Personalized Treatment: An acupuncturist doesn’t treat the disease; it treats the individual as a whole. No two patients are given the same treatment for the same discomfort. They take into consideration every detail about you before offering treatment that facilitates body’s own healing ability.
So, if you are willing to keep your pain at bay and enjoy holistic well-being, visiting a licensed Acupuncturist in Rochester, NY, can turn out to be one of the most effective strategies for your overall well-being.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Engage the Services of Practitioners Offering Complementary Medicine in Rochester NY to Take Charge of Your Health

Mainstream treatment that is used by most doctors is considered to be traditional or conventional medicine. A treatment that is used out-of-the mainstream and used along with conventional medicine is called complementary medicine. It comprises of a group of health care practices including therapies and medications that are considered out of the mainstream. For instance, acupuncture can be used along with painkillers to get effective relief from pain.

Today, complementary medicine has been adopted by the medical fraternity of the western world as a holistic treatment approach. So, if you are residing in USA and looking for Complementary Medicine in Rochester, NY, you will come across several reputed practitioners. By availing the services of a reputed practitioner, you will be able to avail the following benefits:
  • Holistic Approach: Doctors or practitioners practicing complementary medicine take a holistic, approach to treatment. They spend ample time with the patients to ask questions about their lifestyle, habits, and well-being. This makes the patient feel better about the cure, which in turn can contribute to their overall well-being.
  • Effective for Chronic Diseases: Patients suffering from chronic and debilitating diseases such as cancer/HIV, which have no cure, turn to complimentary medicine and therapies for effective relief.
  • Lesser or No Side Effects: Complimentary medicine and therapies are known to cause fewer or no adverse side effects as compared to treatment with conventional medicines.
  • Safe and Effective: The effectiveness and safety of alternative or complementary therapies are sustained by practical evidences that are available from sources such as long-established scriptures, pharmacopoeias and clinical experiences gathered over ages.
  • Easily Available and Affordable: The availability and affordability of complementary medicine almost all across the globe is a reason for its widespread acceptance in low- and middle-income countries.  Due to its low cost and less usage of technology, CAM has contributed largely to an improved health care system in several countries.
  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Complementary therapies and medicine used by practitioners calm your emotions, alleviate anxiety, and improve your general well being.
As a matter of fact, you don't feel more in control when you are undergoing conventional treatment. Complementary therapies allow you to get actively involved in your treatment along with your therapist. You remain in control of your feelings and emotions as this treatment methodology is holistic in approach and takes into consideration the connection between mind, body and spirit. So, if you are looking for holistic treatment, avail the services of doctors offering Complementary Medicine in Rochester, NY.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Engage the Services of a Kinseologist Offering Applied Kinesiology in Pittsford to Ensure Overall Well-being

Applied kinesiology (AK) is a new technique that was initiated by Dr George J. Goodheart in 1964 and has since then become quite elaborate. This alternative form of medicine is usually practiced by Chiropractors to test the health of patients without the use of medication or invasive surgery.

The basic notion on which Applied kinesiology is based is that every organ malfunction goes with a particular muscle weakness, which enables diseases to be diagnosed through muscle-testing procedures. This connection between the physical condition of your body and muscles helps in determining whether or not your body is functioning at its best.

So, if you are suffering from a particular disease and looking for practitioners offering Applied Kinesiology in Pittsford then you must seek help from chiropractors in New York. By studying the affected muscles, chiropractors are able to target the problem and may thus be able to eliminate aches and pains associated with it. Today, this alternative form of treatment could be used to diagnose and treat several problems related to the nervous system, nutritional deficit or excesses, and several other health concerns.

Chiropractors offering Applied Kinesiology in Pittsford apply gentle pressure to the affected muscle, and then monitor the response. If the muscle appears to be spongy, an energy disturbance is indicated in the meridian system, which is an essential, but invisible, factor concerning your health. It is important to understand that the energy channels or meridians are responsible for transmitting the life force to every cell and tissue present in the body.

When this flow of energy is disturbed or imbalance occurs, a person is sure to experience ill health. So, we can infer that the response of the muscle after application of pressure can provide us with crucial information about energy disturbances within the body.

This treatment alternative, in combination with a right physical exam, laboratory tests, and other investigative procedures, allows the health practitioner with an additional view of the patient's appearance through muscle testing. However, one thing that needs to be noted is that when manual muscle testing is performed, the practitioner is actually evaluating how the nervous system is controlling the muscle function.

In a nutshell, applied kinesiology takes a global approach to health. By assessing the structural, chemical, and emotional aspects of the patient, a chiropractor or a kineosologist is able to recognize several factors that contribute to a patient's presentation. So, if you are willing to take the first step on a journey to a holistic health and well-being, do schedule a consultation with a renowned and qualified chiropractor having knowledge of applied kinesiology.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ensure Overall Well-being of Your Body by Taking Regular Chiropractic Care from Chiropractors in Rochester NY

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving holistic health has become a distant dream. Since our mind and body aren’t discrete entities; they tend to feed each other. So, when one fails to be in sync with the other, we tend to become stressed. Long-term stress can strongly affect our physical well-being and can bring about significant changes in our body. While traditional medication can relieve the symptoms of stress such as a backache, headache, arthritis etc, it is not usually suitable for long-term use. So, if you too are experiencing chronic stress symptoms such as a headache, frequent pain in your back, neck or joints, consider seeing a chiropractor.

Today, millions of people across the globe have experienced the innumerable benefits of chiropractic care. It is a holistic therapy that focuses on ensuring a strong musculoskeletal and healthy nervous system through natural, drugless and surgery-free approach. So, if you are someone living in Rochester, NY and is seeking relief from headaches, low back pain, joint pain, etc, then you can seek the services of some of the reputed Chiropractors in Rochester NY.

Listed below are some of the health benefits you can expect from regular chiropractic care.

•    Alleviates Pain: Chiropractors have the ability to identify the mechanical issues responsible for causing spine-related pain. They make series of adjustment by applying pressure to certain points along the spine thereby providing near-immediate relief to patients.

•    Improves Posture: Many people develop pain around their neck due to improper sitting posture while sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen, or due to long hours of driving. Regular chiropractic care can help with certain adjustments in your spine, which in turn can help you improve your posture.

•    Improves Your Sleep: People, who suffer from stress and body pain, also tend to suffer from sleep related issues. With regular chiropractic care, one can easily alleviate body pain thus improving the quality of sleep.
•    Ensures overall well-being: When you are stressed, you experience several symptoms such as body ache, frequent mood swings and depression in extreme cases. Such discomfort can affect your overall well-being. With proper musculoskeletal adjustments, you can expect speedy recovery from your ailment and thus experience better health.

Chiropractors in Rochester NY is usually licensed. They have the knowledge and expertise of a qualified practitioner. By improving joint and spinal functions they promote ongoing wellness resulting in a better and active lifestyle. In a nutshell, this holistic approach has alleviated the pain caused due to misalignment of the spine that too without the need for addictive pain medication or invasive surgery.