Sunday, March 19, 2017

All About Acupuncture and its Treatment Philosophy

In this current day and era, the industry of complementary and alternative medicine finds itself in the most desirable position. In fact, both customer demand and utilization of CAM services are witnessing a remarkable growth. Today, CAM has become increasingly popular in the western nations especially in the United States. Complementary and alternative health care modalities that are in practice include therapies such as herbal medicine, massage therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, kinesiology, and energy healing. One such modality that is being regularly brought in practice is acupuncture.
What is Acupuncture all about?

One of the alternative therapies that are highly appreciated by practitioners is acupuncture.  This age old practice of healing involves the insertion of fine sterilized needles into certain strategic points on our body across which several energy channels or meridians are spread. According to the practitioners of acupuncture, two opposing forces of energy flow across these channels. When these forces are not aligned with each other, imbalance is created. Disruption in the flow of energy results in improper functioning of the body resulting in several health conditions. The needles inserted on these strategic points release blockages to ensure smooth and easy flow of energy. Moreover, acupuncture promotes the natural process of healing that aids the body to restore and then maintain a state of balance.

Frequency of Treatment Sessions

For a disorder that is either severe or has been bothering the patient through many months or years, it is difficult though not impossible for attaining complete healing after a single treatment session. However, in the first session itself, the body is directed towards balance and produces a noteworthy impact that typically reflects after a day or two. While some patients may witness an improvement in their health condition after 5-6 weekly acupuncture sessions, further treatment session of 15-16 weeks may then be required to be undertaken by others to gain the full effect of acupuncture. However, several patients looking to get relief from a particular health condition can also opt for prolonged treatment that may last from several months to a couple of years.

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