Wednesday, November 29, 2017

5 Ailments Where Acupuncture works as a Brilliant Complementary Medicine

"Treatments that do not involve medication and surgeries are in great demand. Such therapies not only cure the symptoms but also heal the patient completely and improve his lifestyle. Acupuncture is one of the therapies which do not follow the conventional Western style of treatment but the placement of fine and sterilized needles on certain points of the body. It has the potential to cure a number of disorders."

Patients who want to go for acupuncture often wonder whether it will be painful, safe, and effective. As the acupuncture needles are as thin as a strand of hair, their placement on the body is painless. Besides, they are sterilized before use and are meant for single use only. So, acupuncture is safe too.

Here are the top disorders that can be cured using this therapy:

#1 - Headaches and Migraines
Many clinical trials and studies were conducted to confirm the effectiveness of acupuncture in a migraine. It has been observed that patients who received only Western medicine experienced a slower recovery when compared with the patients who used acupuncture as a complementary medicine. They experienced faster and long-lasting results.

#2 - Chronic Pain
Patients with chronic back pain, neck pain, arthritis, shoulder pain and arthritis experienced a significant improvement in their conditions versus those who did not receive any treatment.
Before starting the treatment, the acupuncturist discusses the patient’s medical history and other details to understand him well. Some acupuncturists might suggest you go for an X-ray to confirm that there is no fracture. After all the tests are done, your treatment begins.

#3 - Insomnia
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) patients who take medications or herbal treatment should use acupuncture as complementary medicine to experience a faster recovery from insomnia.

#4 - Cognitive Decline
Acupuncture has proved to be very helpful in Parkinson’s Disease and other age-related cognitive decline disorders. Placement of acupuncture needles on certain points of the body stimulates certain parts of the brain, especially Putamen and Thalamus, that are responsible for nerve impulse. It establishes a proper transmission of nerve impulses through these parts of the brain and cures the disease.

#5 - Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Pain
With recent advancements in the field of acupuncture, the practitioners are recommending this therapy to ladies during pregnancy because it can reduce anxiety and stress, and balance the hormones. Eventually, the pain decreases.

However, an acupuncturist should avoid certain points on the body during pregnancy. So, it is best to do a proper homework and make sure that the acupuncturist has received a proper license.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, acupuncture has proved to be a brilliant treatment in many other ways. If you are looking for an Acupuncture in Pittsford NY, visit a renowned practitioner. This will spare you the risks associated with the treatment.

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