Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How Helpful is Acupuncture in the Treatment of Anxiety?

Anxiety is way more than just being 'anxious'. Just like the migraine sufferers, anxiety patients also go through a lot of pain while going out, working, eating, or standing in the sun. As there are some loopholes in conventional medicine and it fails to work for most of the patients, acupuncture is used either as a complementary or alternative medicine. By far, it has proved to be highly successful.

Acupuncture Treatment for Anxiety

Acupuncture for Anxiety

People often wonder why acupuncture is so successful. The reason being, its simple theory of treatment which restores a free flow of life energy (Qi) in the body. The acupuncturist aims at identifying specific points on the body that are responsible for the establishment of a free flow of life energy. This energy is important for good health.

Before starting the treatment, the acupuncturist may examine your medical history, ask you a number of questions to know what you feel and the reason behind your disorder. After successful examination, he starts the treatment. An acupuncturist knows that every patient has a unique reason behind anxiety issues and hence, he uses his skills to identify the symptoms and heal the patient completely.

Usually, prolonged exposure to extreme conditions and intense situations such as mental, physical or spiritual, hinder the flow of energy and cause an imbalance. The acupuncturist identifies specific points on the body, also known as acupuncture points where he places fine and sterilized needles to start the treatment. This establishes a smooth flow of energy.

Apart from fine and sterilized needles, the treatment plan may involve a warming herb (derived from traditional Chinese medicine), and tui na, a traditional Chinese massage. The treatment lasts for a few weeks or months depending on the nature of the disorder.

Acupuncturists who follow a holistic approach to cure anxiety issues believe in the participation of the patients in the healing process, and contribute equally as the practitioner to cure the disorder. In this process, the acupuncturist gives several tips to the patient not only to cure the symptoms but also enhance his lifestyle. As a result, the patient experiences an improvement in other disorders also. His lifestyle improves and other potential symptoms also get cured.

Acupuncture is adapted by various patients all over the world. In Pittsford, medical practitioners recommend acupuncture to cure a variety of disorders including anxiety, migraine, headaches, labor pain, infertility, etc. You can easily find a seasoned medical practitioner of Acupuncture in Pittsford NY. You can also take referrals from your friends or look for them online, and get started.

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